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Our API services build upon automated detection systems with expert fraud analysts who actively monitor card transactions for better fraud detection. Our Fraud management a solution not only protects to card portfolio, but extends across all portfolios. Real time reporting of fraud trends and alerts ensure loss prevention. Quatrro processing Services can also correlate suspicious activity with customer behavior across multiple electronic transaction channels.

Quatrro and Merchant integration will involve two way communications. Merchants will send the real time transaction to Quatrro through Quatrro’s exposed API in JSON format and Merchant will receive the immediate response for transaction authenticity. Quatrro Analysts will manual review each and every transaction and will send the response to Merchant to their exposed API in JSON format.



Step 1. Customer send the request to Payment Gateway.
Step 2. Merchant/Payment Gateway API send the request to Quatrro API.
Step 3. Quatrro API passes the transaction to TranSecure Rule Engine.
Step 4. Rule Engine sends Rule Engine response to Quatrro API
Step 5. Quatrro API sends the Rule Engine and Decision matrix response to the Merchant / Payment Gateway
Step 6. In case of managed Services Analyst analyze and send final decision to Merchant.

Key Features:

1. Single sign-in service
2. Integration and access on multiple computers.
3. Security Transaction flow.

How Does it Work?

Online Quatrro API Service takes only few simple steps.

1. Merchant can view and test the basic services without registration.

2. Merchant need to register for accessing other Quatrro API services like transaction’s Email authenticity, phone authenticity and customer social info etc.

3. After registration Quatrro will configure the Merchant and send API KEY and API ID by mail and Merchant can login and avail the special services.

Why Use It?


Quatrro API uses multiple layers of security, including fraud monitoring
systems and encrypted tokens using hash algorithms, to help
keep payment information safe.


Quatrro API accepts most major credit or debit cards so customers can
checkout easily and securely using the payment method they use
today on your site.

Easy to use

Integrating Checkout is easy and requires only a few simple HTML and JavaScript
tags.Quickly and easily test your setup in our sandbox

Who Can Use It?




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